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Your story matters. Share your story.

We are a new global community where our focus is ending the stigma of mental health challenges by sharing our story to help others, becoming Peer Warriors or ACT Advocates while getting support ourselves. What’s your story?

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"We believe in good mental health by building a global community of support through human connection & sharing our story."

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  • Sharing my story: We applaud your courage to share your story. Sharing your story can be self-healing. You will be helping others and ending the stigma associated with mental health challenges.
  • You’re the first to try our FREE services: Over 40 different free peer-led support groups. Group Talk focuses on depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar, women, men, veterans, teens and more.
  • VIP Evite for you: Be the first to be notified by email when our new community opens.
  • Free offer ($30 Value): The first 100 members will receive one free tributes or memorial page for yourself, loved one, or pet to keep memories alive forever.
  • Tax deduction: We are a Nonprofit 501c3, donations are tax deductible.

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online support groups

Sharing My Story

We understand that it takes a lot of courage to share your story. We salute your bravery. We believe that sharing our own personal journey can help others, while getting support ourselves. You are not alone; we are building a global community that allows us to support each other.

mental health support groups online

What Is Mental Health Real Talk All About?

We are a new global community where we believe that sharing our story helps us while helping others. We embrace our differences, except the things that we can’t change, and love ourselves anyway. You can connect with others, share your story, express your feelings, ask questions, find answers from people with similar experiences, who understand and can support you in a secure place.

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Ways We Support You?

  • Group Talk: Over 40 different peer-led support groups.
  • Create Your Own Group: Start your own support group within our community, it can be public or private.
  • Peer Warriors: Volunteers with similar mental health experiences, who volunteer to help others.
    • Sharing My Story: Individuals sharing their personal stories and journey to help others. We realize we are a work in progress and that’s okay. We are learning to love ourselves just as we are.
    • ACT Advocates: This group helps influence legislation and changes in laws that impact our mental health system.
    • Tribute and Memorial Pages: You can create a tribute or memorial page for yourself, loved one, or pet for any reason. We believe in celebrating ourselves or someone we love including our pets.
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Attention: Mental Health Real Talk does not offer medical advice, nor are we a substitute for professional or medical care.

mental health support groups online